Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our list of most commonly asked questions and find your answers here.

Why can’t I submit a request for support?
If you have Web Support only it does not give you the “Training” or “Submit a Request” functionalities.

What are the requirements to use the online portion?
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Recommended Browsers: Internet Explorer 8 or higher; Latest FireFox, Chrome or Safari
  • Latest Adobe Flash Player (Get the latest FlashPlayer)

What is the typical response time after I have submitted a support request?
Typical response for answering a request is 2 hours.

In which geographies is i SUPPORT IT supported from?
i SUPPORT IT is supported by North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Is regional language support offered?
In certain geographies regional language support is offered.

How can I submit request for help?
You can submit a ticket online through the Submit a Request function online, via email ( or via telephone:
  • United Kingdom: +44 1582 878760
  • France: +33 8 2585 0288
  • Ireland: +44 1582 878760
  • USA: +1 877 668 TATA
  • India: +91 20 6652 9800